“Bordeaux’s Right Bank leads the pack”

Components of the Bordeaux 500An interesting trend has opened up recently, with wines from the Right Bank, that’s the St Emilions and Pomerols of this world, gaining the most value during the year from August 2012.

The Right Bank 100 index is a star performer, relative to other indices that track the price of Bordeaux fine wine, and it has just posted its 13th back to back monthly gain.

Whereas the Bordeaux 500 index, the broadest index of all the fine wine indices, has risen 6.5% for the year, the Right Bank 100 index has risen a whopping 16.9% for the same period.

It also clearly outperforms the Right Bank 50 index, which only managed a 7.3% gain.

How so?

Let’s look at the components:

The Right Bank 100: Angelus, Clos Fourtet, Conseillante, Eglise Clinet, Evangile, Figeac, Fleur Petrus, Pavie, Troplong Mondot and Vieux Chateau Certan.


The Right Bank Super 50: Petrus, Cheval Blanc, Lafleur, Le Pin and Ausone.

Chateaux Angelus and Pavie were promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classe “A” in September 2012 and clearly this has had an effect on prices.

The other factor, we assume, is that the wine market is continuing to recognise stellar performances in 2009 and 2010 from the likes of Vieux Chateau Certan (99RP, 99RP), Troplong Mondot (99RP, 99RP) and Clos Fourtet (100RP, 98RP).

That list of Right Bank “super seconds” again, then: Angelus, Clos Fourtet, Conseillante, Eglise Clinet, Evangile, Figeac, Fleur Petrus, Pavie, Troplong Mondot, Vieux Chateau Certan.

Rob Webber



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